An Anarchist Renascence

As predicted, the resurgence of nationalism and Left’s reaction to it has served as a catalyst for more radical ideas entering the public discourse. Whether it’s the increased efforts of antifa groups or the emerging “alt-left (largely composed of American progressive/independents who reject identity politics and embrace a classical Marxist interpretation of history and power […]

How to fix the Left

Reject liberal(isms). Embrace your will to power. The Left (even in radical circles) in many respects has failed as a movement. Race baiting, class politics, compromise on top of compromise and a clumsy at best praxis to achieving the ends we strive for are what we have now and accepting this reality is the only […]


This question was posed to me by a Reddit user on r/anarchism Btw, what’s post-structuralism and what do you think about egoism and nihilism? Post-structuralism is mainly associated with Foucault and Derrida and the main idea behind the label (“post-structuralist”) is that all things (language, history, morality, societal institutions) can be deconstructed and critiqued from […]

Absurdism and Accelerationism in the Modern Geo-Political Sphere

One thing is certain. The unabashed lunacy of global politics have definitely topped themselves with this most recent go-around. The rise of “SJW’s” and nationalist/populist movements alike, in the states and and across the pond have forever changed the political landscape and brought the most characterized versions of “world leaders” (the global elite claiming to […]