The Faces of “Freedom.”

As a caveat, I feel it is necessary it address the the metaphysics of freedom and the subsequent embodiment of ideas. Anarchists are first and foremost concerned with the concrete (funny considering how many write off anarchist movements as “idealistic”). As people of all stripes who value freedom (in an abstract sense) and seek to […]

Dear non-anarchists, (William Gillis @ C4SS)

“Power is built on force, and while the crude measure of the 2nd Amendment at least recognizes this, the self-disarmament of liberals and the ideological capture of many armed “libertarians” by white identity politics and authoritarian national collectivism have together opened a window that Bannon is exploiting. You allowed an institution of incredible power to […]

Patriotism is a Disease

In nature, there exists an interesting parasite by the name of Toxoplasma gondii, interesting because of the unique way that it transfers itself from one host to another, {for a frame of reference, these articles (, ( describe the phenomenon in sufficient and much greater detail than I care to, or am qualified to go […]

An Anarchist Renascence

As predicted, the resurgence of nationalism and the Left’s reaction to it has served as a catalyst for more radical ideas entering the public discourse. Whether it’s the increased efforts of antifa groups or the emerging “alt-left (largely composed of American progressive/independents who reject identity politics and embrace a classical Marxist interpretation of history and […]