Response to a conservative commentator regarding post-modernism

Some interesting observations. Some of my thoughts; Isn’t nationalism a form of collectivism? Coming from an egosit perspective, I owe nothing to the idea of “the nation.” Why should I or others sacrifice themselves to an ideal? Also during the breakdown of religion vs government I would say that they share enough traits in common to be interchangeable. One strives for metaphysical utopia and the other for concrete utopia. Two sides of the same coin really. As far as collectivism goes in general, I see the dichotomy between “collectivism” and “individualism” as fallacious. People are very capable of organizing collectively to meet their needs as individuals (David Grabber raises some good points on the topic of “everyday communism/communalism”). It’s the centralization, legislated moralism and as you pointed out quite well, ideological crusades across the spectrum that contribute to the problems we see here. Finally, on postmodernism, as a movement it was never meant to erase and replace ideas with any set narrative. it just questions the virtues of traditionalism the meaning and utility of institutions and ideas. The SJW’s who claim that any idea is true and useful by virtue of belief are missing the point (of deconstruction) entirely. It also produced some brilliant literature… food for thought .


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