A Perspective on Gender Nihilism

“The liberal feminist says “I am a woman” and by that means that they are spiritually, ontologically, metaphysically, genetically, or any other modes of “essentially” a woman. The gender nihilist says “I am a woman” and means that they are located within a certain position in a matrix of power which constitutes them as such.” – Alyson Escalante

We see this all too often. Instead of exerting one’s own will to power on the structures around them, many people on the Left fail to see that transcending these structures is what is necessary to end oppression and are much more content to scream the virtues of their civic religion from the rooftops. Not only is this immature, it also further alienates leftists from the everyday struggles people face. Do you honestly think that the average person living in poverty cares about critical theory and gender studies 101? No! They care about where their next meal is coming from and about being able to afford medical care. They care about being used as cannon fodder in the wars waged by the elite and face the threat of being sacrificed at the altar of the capitalist on a daily basis. This reality is made all the more grotesque for people of the 3rd world. I want anarchists to be able to transcend this paradigm and focus on the issues that pertain to our biggest concern; ending the state on the local and global level and ending the hierarchical systems it enforces. By building a sense of community, working towards becoming self-sufficient and pursuing the destruction of monopolies on identity we can forge a world for ourselves and ours where everyone’s need for radical self-expression is met devoid of labels and concepts. Let’s start focusing on the things that are relevant to everyone and let people live their lives shall we?

(Alyson’s full article can be found below)



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