Occultism and Radical Politics

Alister Crowley famously wrote that; “I crave sin” and I firmly believe that the same can be said for those of us who walk on the “anarcho” side of the street. Many of us found our way here through disillusionment. We have seen the promises of modernity shattered and live in a culture dominated by Sklavenmoral, (i.e. the Red and Blue tribes of neo-liberalism). To us, the social order is not only archaic and (to the more radically skeptic) useless but at its core destructive. The institutions which built patriotism are the protein strains of a memeitic virus ready to consume all in its path. A path which war must be waged against in both the material and metaphysical plane(s).

We crave a higher, forbidden knowledge be it the esoteric teachings of Eastern strains of thought (such as panentheism which I am a personal subscriber to) hidden from the West for ages, or the Gnostic traditions which the degenerate tendencies of Abrahamic religion actively sought to repress. Standing against the are the new generation of mystics singing of a future devoid of the conventional. I say to you, that we take our rightful place at the dark thrown of power which of course entails toppling the Gods of the(Deep)State and its globalist masters. Enacting our Will on the world to seek what is (by most) unseen. So to all who “crave sin” in your struggle against establishment and hierarchy I encourage you to bring the Left hand path to the Left.


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