Patriotism is a Disease

In nature, there exists an interesting parasite by the name of Toxoplasma gondii, interesting because of the unique way that it transfers itself from one host to another, {for a frame of reference, these articles (, ( describe the phenomenon in sufficient and much greater detail than I care to, or am qualified to go into}.

I’ve always been fascinated by the environmental and genetic factors underlying certain traits and behaviors. I doubt very much that “isms” are caused by parasitic worms which infect that brain’s neuro-cognitive mechanisms but the processes by which people react to (and form) certain ideas related to ethics and political philosophy, leaves me more than a little curious about how these otherwise rational people can live with this dissonance.

While many on the Left are content to scream the virtues of their civic religion from the rooftops the Right seems to be infected by an even deadlier agent; patriotism. I suppose the romanticized idea of “living for a greater good” can be justified with aesthetic and meta-ethical claims but these have always struck me as flights of fancy. Lavish mental gymnastics which are fundamentally dangerous to the will of the individual. A willingness to die for God and Country is certainly not a quality befitting of an ubermensche or unique individual. Clinging to the notion that race and culture make a person inherently virtuous and worthwhile is in my humble opinion the deadliest form of identity politics. Yet people seem to flock to the snake-oil salesmen who pedal these virtues (and I use the term lightly). To act in accordance with one’s will is to live for exaltation and genius not to die for the cold hand of the state but some people never seem to learn. Perhaps this will serve as a wake up call to those sick souls, still trapped in the confines of the political binary. In the words of Laura Jane; “We’re all hypocrites, but you’re a patriot…” These words have more implications than one might think.


4 thoughts on “Patriotism is a Disease

  1. You are literally retarded.

    Provide a single argument for why you think patriotism is any more a form of mental gymnastics than what youre doing here. Besides the fact that youre a fuckign weakling and that everyone should conform to your vitriol, fuckign pathetic. This is what eugenics is meant to solve.


    1. This post is a perfect example of why Patriotism is toxic. The state view people not as individuals but as tools to be exploited. Moral virtues imposed upon the non-elite’s of society include: strength, certainty, faith, trust; all virtues that make people docile and malleable for the imperialistic use of the state. The theory of Eugenics especially views humans as biological fuel to be burned for the economic good of the elites, and Patriotism buttresses this view.

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