An Anarchist Renascence

As predicted, the resurgence of nationalism and the Left’s reaction to it has served as a catalyst for more radical ideas entering the public discourse. Whether it’s the increased efforts of antifa groups or the emerging “alt-left (largely composed of American progressive/independents who reject identity politics and embrace a classical Marxist interpretation of history and power dynamics) the result is the same; anarchy is becoming more than just a buzzword relegated to the bomb toting cartoon characters dreamed up by the mainstream media. As dissent and radicalism (in both politics and technology) rise we draw ever closer to our golden age. What started on the Right; essentially a reaction to the authoritarian nature of globalization and the deep state, has gone full circle as radical leftists filled with a renewed vigor against nationalism and contempt towards neo-liberalism are finally getting their time in the lime-light.

As the unrest increases I imagine that we’ll see establishment break down even further. It may very well get ugly but the aftermath shall belong to us, the disenfranchised who seek to build a world in the post-religious (i.e. statist) age which fosters unfettered liberation in; scientific pursuits, freedom of expression, solidarity and the destruction of the slave morality imposed on us by the state and its organs will reach the apex of their evolution and build a culture that raises the flag inscribed with these ideas above God and government. Recent events are showing us a little more everyday that the old way of thinking/being is no longer sustainable and will soon be nothing more than a foot note in some archaic historical tome. It is up to us to use our wit and brawn in overcoming our enemies (and if we’re being honest our own reactionary and regressive tendencies as a movement) and building a lasting monument to the death the global hegemony. It will be a hard road but well worth it. It will take much more tact and sacrifice and investment (but never compromise) than what we as anarchists in the West are used to but it will be worth it. If we stay the course, then perhaps one day we’ll find ourselves looking down from the peak of our summit at those sad masses of men who are still concerned with building their walls.


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