Absurdism and Accelerationism in the Modern Geo-Political Sphere

One thing is certain. The unabashed lunacy of global politics have definitely topped themselves with this most recent go-around. The rise of “SJW’s” and nationalist/populist movements alike, in the states and and across the pond have forever changed the political landscape and brought the most characterized versions of “world leaders” (the global elite claiming to rule in our best interest) out to play. We also have the luxury(?) of living in a time where social media allows us to unleash our brutish nature with (relative) anonymity which consequently gives us the means to bring our own savagery to the surface.

I have written before about the growing divide and distaste for government in the masses (even the normies are becoming more and more radical in their actions). I believe that the widely known anarchist theorist, academic and activist, David Grabber predicted was right in his assertion that the gap between the intellectual elites and the new proletariat has  been the catalyst for this great extinction of ideas and identity.

For all the net losses that this collective action has brought, we  must be willing to recognize the benefits in this. People are beginning to cast off the chains of their dead gods and for better or worse are taking action. As I mentioned above the course of this action may not be playing to our favor (yet) but it is certainly a signal. To reference Camus Myth of Sisyphus, “Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable.” The truth of the matter is that the doors are opening. A tide is coming and like it or not, we’re all accelerationists now and just as Sisyphus we must find the joy in the circumstances we find ourselves in for the absurd is the truth! A shimmering nexus of possibility that will always give way to the unforeseen and at times grotesque nature of our being. So I say to my comrades, to the agorists printing off guns and trading in cyber currency, to the syndicalists fighting the good fight for the marginalized to the reckless artists who arm the homeless and mad poets who speak of Nietzsche let’s keep pushing to shape this strange world to our will. Futile or not, we’re in for some interesting results.


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