Post-Left Awakening

“Today’s radicals are tomorrow’s reactionaries” -Robert Anton Wilson.

What good have most efforts to organize by the radical left done, other than strengthen the state by allowing it to subvert direct action by the proletariat? Why do we as anarchists, owe any loyalty to society, culture, tradition or ideology?

These are important questions and if anarchists want to grow, we must first liberate ourselves. Moralist narratives, class politics and institutions like national trade unions and academia have replaced direct action in the minds of many. Lofty idealism is a luxury that we cannot afford in these trying times lest we become the people we hate (as we’ve all witnessed firsthand, the state has a nasty little habit of turning reformative efforts into profit generating mechanisms no matter how appealing they look on the surface). We must be the sparks that ignite insurrection. Safe spaces, liberal arts studies and Noam Chomsky aren’t going to win our war… Our’s is a struggle against the currents of ideology itself which runs deeper than pandering to Utopian narratives existing only to be co-opted by the petty bourgeoisie.


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