Pan-Secessionism; The Death of Western Hegemony and the New Right.

The cultural impact of this election cycle is bigger than what it was ever meant to be; the fall of American conservatism, the far Right’s reaction to it, rising interest in 3rd party candidates (there will be more on that later) and the fact that globalism is out in the open all come to mind. These are all things that anarchists have been predicting for years and now that it’s finally coming to a head we are faced with a very important question. What should we do about it?

Extremism is becoming more and more appealing to people at both ends of the political spectrum. Whether it’s an increased interest in “protest parties.” (Jill Stein had more media coverage than ever due to disenfranchised Bernie supporters and Gary Johnson is officially on the ballot in all 50 states. Neither of these two, despite their best efforts, are what I’d consider competent but I digress) or the embrace of even more radical ideas. Interesting, as these changes are to pollsters and academics who like debating the hypothetical future of our geo-political landscape, their real world applications run far deeper.

The further people push ourselves from the status quo the more prone to action, and often times violence people become. It’s important to remember that extremism is inherently apolitical. It cares not for any one man’s cause or the ethical narratives surrounding God and country. Extremism is the last act “the nuclear option” if you will and not all actors who resort to extreme methods have the same intentions. The Alt-right are the most grotesque embodiment of this. Rightest identity politics made flesh. I used to write them off as mouth-breathing neckbeards but the fact of the matter is that we can no longer afford to do this. The more intellectual adherents of the movement are very good at what they do (even if what they do consists of fear mongering, capitalizing on the social media platform and being a little more well read than your generic neo-con). They are for better or worse, in a position to act. Fortunately for those who are not of their ilk, the globalist superstate is ready to act as well.

The alt-right expresses a pretty healthy amount of contempt for the GOP and like a wounded animal Republican establishment is fighting to cling to what little it has left, even going so far as to be softer on out-of the-closet globalists/Democrats. If the state hegemony manages to push through via Hillary Clinton, their detractors will fight back and there we have it. There will be more Waco incidents. There will be more OKC Bombings and the state will do what it can to purge the dissenters, exhausting its resources out of necessity and further damaging its already shattered relations with the public. This will either result in an outright civil war or further interest in a live and let live model for pan-secessionism

I say let the alt-right be our useful idiots. We will be there to deliver the final punch and put the pieces back together once our enemies are wiped out by their own ideological folly. We’ve hidden in the shadows for years. Increasing our numbers, developing our praxis and bashing the occasional skull on the pavement when necessary . What’s a little longer?


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