How Statism Exploits the Mentally Ill

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Nietzsche

What is the roll of society in dealing with “mad men?” For many it is obvious; they must either be reformed  to meet the needs of the bourgeoisie or separated from those too loyal to the ideas of Western idealism. The reformation method has been gaining more and more momentum over the years. Espousing weak arguments for “the greater good” the masses speak about social justice while sitting comfortably, far away from the rotten underbelly of society! Their shallow, fear based ideologues have been heard and are now being used as a catalyst to endow certain key actors in this theater we call modernity with the means to suppress (and profit off of) those who life wasn’t quite as kind to.

Neo-liberalism has now made it possible to repackage things which were once hated into neat marketable brands (from subtle cultural appropriation perpetuated by the “SJW” crowd). While democracy allows others to show their contempt through the ballot box. Instead of taking to the streets in angry mobs we can now vote our problems away. In tandem these ideas create a dialectical cycle of reform made to fit the desires of the global elite. A machine which is being used to systematically strip away the raw expression of self. We have been domesticated by our own desire for the oh so fleeting siren of safety and “good will.”

While the mentally ill used to be relegated to the grey world of institutions and in many cases outright brutalized (Foucault’s critiques come to mind), they now share the same fate as “the worker” protagonist of Marxist literature and just like the worker archetype of the Industrial Revolution, the madman is turned into a battery. A source of income for the state divorced from the fruits of their livelihood and doomed to a prison cell be it the state’s prison industrial complex of the liberal’s golden cage. It may be up to code, more politically correct but what it accounts for in progressive party virtue narratives, it lacks in humanity.

So to all the madmen, my comrades I say, seek to liberate yourself from your demons. Turning destruction upon yourself meets no end but your own suffering (I can attest to this first hand). No, using your gifts that some may call sickness to rip the bricks from the mortar of a world covered in plastic smiles and vague contempt is a much better use of your time… I say to you madmen… show the elite what they fear.


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